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Spotlight! – Meet Haley Wilson


1.) What is your year and major?

– “I’m a junior Pre-Physical therapy major”

2.) What are your positions for Acclamation Dance Ministry? What does that entail? 

– “I’m the head choreographer and teach ballet 3. Head choreographer is just a fancy term for event      coordinator/contact person for everything! I also choreograph the opening and closing numbers for our spring concert, and make sure everything runs smoothly!”

3.) What is your vision for Acclamation this year? 

– “It’s funny to think about my vision for Acclamation for this year, because it’s continually changing and growing as God works in and through everything that we’re doing. However, I think that the overwhelming push this year has been for our outreach ministry to grow, and it has already! We’ve gotten opportunities to reach out to alumni, dance in chapel and local churches, and in December, be the creative element for a national youth conference as well as have our own performances throughout this year.”

4.) How has Acclamation impacted you over the years at Messiah?

– “Acclamation has been one of the most influential things in my life over the past 3 years. Although I’ve always loved to dance, I didn’t grow up with the understanding that it was a form of worship. When I first joined Acclamation I had trouble integrating dance with my faith but I was blessed to be challenged with this my freshman year, and now I can’t imagine not putting the two together. God created me to dance, and what can I do but give it all back to Him!”


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