Get A Glimpse

2013-2014 Spring Performance

Each year, all of the dancers and all of the classes come together to perform one large show. With a lot of preparation, rehearsals, meetings, and determination, we all come together as once dance community and show the Messiah community and surrounding community what we are all about. These pictures give a sneak peak into what the dance weekend is all about! From hip-hop to pointe to tap, every genre gets to perform in this showcase. After 3 long dress rehearsals, we are ready to take the stage, dance for our Lord, and show what we have all worked towards during the whole year! We start the night by singing a praise song together that relates to the theme. At this point in the year, the Acclimation team is like one big family. We not only dance together, but we live life together for a whole year, and for many years to come. These pictures may give you a small taste of what we are about, but we hope that you’ll join this family, cause we would love to have you!


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