Each year in Acclamation we have a specific ensemble devoted to reaching out to the community, called Outreach. Throughout the school year we reach out to churches, organizations, nursing homes, and other groups in the community to offer our gift of dance during a church service or special event, teach a dance workshop, or both! We can adapt and work with any age group.

God blessed us with the gift and passion for dance, so we want to share these gifts to further His kingdom. If you’re interested in having our group perform at your church, contact Victoria Hines at We will work with you to schedule a time and plan out the details.

This year our dance is to Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace), by Hillsong Worship. We have a wonderful group of around 15 students who devote time out of each week to learn and perfect the dance. This dance talks about the inevitable brokenness in our society, followed by the beautiful and timeless classic “Amazing Grace.” Though we walk in brokenness daily, we can always fall back on a God of love and grace.

Here’s the song if you’d like to check it out:


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