Outreach Performance- November 16th, 2014


All of our practice has finally paid off! Sunday, November 16th we traveled to Williamsport, MD to Gateway Ministries to perform our dance and minister to their congregation. We entered into a beautiful sanctuary ready to give our gifts to God and worship alongside of a wonderful congregation. Our Outreach coordinator Victoria Hines delivered a message of hope through our brokenness. The first line of the song is “All these pieces, broken and shattered, in mercy gathered, mended and whole.” She preached on how we are a lot like a broken vase. We’re cracked and broken, however through God our pieces are slowly mended together. The cracks though, allow us to see the beauty inside of us. If we we’re all perfect and whole, no one would ever get to see the beauty inside of us. The chorus reminds us of a classic hymn, “Amazing Grace.” This emphasizes to us that God’s grace helps mend our brokenness and see the beauty inside of us through the pain.

We had a wonderful trip, amazing fellowship, and a great time worshiping our glorious Lord through the gifts that he gave us, dance.

Couldn’t make it out? Check it out!

Learn more about the church we attended:


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