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Spotlight! – Meet Jennifer Mikec


1.) What’s your year and major?

– “Junior, Biochemistry (Interested in holistic/alternative medicine)”

2.) What are your positions for Acclamation Dance Ministry? What does that entail?

– “Artistic Director: Work with head choreographer to help keep Acclamation up and running. We check in with each other almost weekly to talk about things ranging from specific details about classes and events to big picture intentions of the ministry (we joke that between the two of us Acclamation could be our full time job… which we would happily do!). While our roles overlap a lot, generally Haley works on creative aspects of planning while I tend to do administrative type things. For example, I’m responsible for reserving venues for rehearsals and performances, completing required paperwork for our events, and communicating with college faculty and staff. I also support the other Acclamation officers and help facilitate communication and cooperation between them.”

– Ballet II Teacher: I also love teaching ballet classes! Last year I taught ballet 1, and this year I teach ballet 2. It’s been a transition learning to teach an intermediate level class as compared to a beginner level, but it’s been rewarding. As a teacher my mail goal is ministry. While I do want to help people improve their technique, even more I want my class to be a place that people can come and be refreshed… I pray our time together renews our awareness of God’s faithful presence. That happens not only in devotional time at the beginning of class, but also during fun warmups, ballet exercises, and choreography. Also, my hope is that class time is collaborative. I know I’m not the only one with good things to bring to our time together, and I know I have a lot to learn too! It’s an interesting position to be in a peer leadership position (both as artistic director and a teacher)… even as I’m working to give my best I’m continually learning how to do better. And I can’t do any of it without all the wonderful peers and mentors I get to work alongside.”

3.) What’s your vision for Acclamation this year?

– “Vision for Acclamation: My vision for Acclamation is tied to our theme verse for the year; Colossians 2:6-7: ‘So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.’ I picture that verse as a tree… roots (‘rooted’), trunk (‘built up’), branches (‘strengthened in the faith’), and fruit (‘overflowing with thankfulness’). I want Acclamation to be that tree growing up into who God has called us to be. I picture dance as our overflow. But to get there takes intentional cultivating. I think of it both as intentionally cultivating the seeds (ideas, teachings, encouragement, truth) God has planted in us as well as if we are seeds growing up in God’s soil that need cultivating. What does that look like practically? It means we are intentionally seeking God as leaders and members of Acclamation. It means we are collaborating with one another in meaningful relationships. It means we are sharing the results of our pursuit of God with our audiences, inviting them to ‘dig deeper’ in Him, with Him too.”

4.)How has Acclamation impacted you over the years at Messiah?

– “Dance is such a central part of who God made me… it’s how I worship, it’s how I relax, it’s how I create, it’s how I function… ‘pray and plie” may be my life motto. That said, being able to not only continue dance, but also be a part of a dance ministry in college has been critical to my experiences at Messiah. Some of my best friendships, most exciting moments, and deepest encounters with God have come through dance. Plus I love teaching, leading, and organizing… putting that together with dance really makes me come alive. I am so thankful for Acclamation. So thankful for all the leaders, teachers, mentors, and members who have paved the way, kept the heart alive, and continue to bless me, this campus, and beyond.”


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