Our Classes

All classes perform in the winter concert unless otherwise noted. All classes meet in the dance studio in Witmer basement except flags which meets in the Racquetball Court in Sollenberger Sports Center.

Ballet 1: Wednesday 6:45-8:00pm- little to no dance experience. Class begins with barre work and also includes basic choreography.
Ballet 2: Moday 5:30-6:45pm- intermediate level. Dancers should know basic ballet and barre technique including all positions. Additionally, dancers should be comfortable doing barre work center floor, have their single pirouette and be comfortable with some turns.
Ballet 3: Wednesday 5:30-6:45pm- advanced level. Begins with barre and focuses on Cecchetti and Balanchine technique. Dancers should know the basic structure of a ballet class and be comfortable with turns.
Modern 1: Tuesday 5:30-6:45pm- little to no dance experience necessary. Modern is a more free style of dance that is less rigid than ballet.
Modern 2: Monday 9:15-10:30pm- intermediate level. Dancers should have their single pirouette working on double, be comfortable with some leaps, and be willing to try new things!
Modern 3: Tuesday 6:45-8:00pm- advanced level. Dancers should be able to do basic leaps, kicks, turns and be willing to go outside the box.
Tap 1/2: Monday 8:00-9:15pm- little to no experience necessary. Dancers will learn tap basics including shuffles, flaps, time steps, and combinations.
Tap 3: Monday 6:45-8:00pm- advanced level. Dancers should know shuffles, flaps, time steps, paradiddles, bawl change, draw backs, and be beginning to learn wings.
Jazz 1: Thursday 4:15-5:30pm- no experience necessary. Dancers will learn basic turns, leaps, etc.
Jazz 2: Wednesday 8:00-9:15pm- intermediate level. Dancers should be able to do a single pirouette, pas de bourres, saut de chat, and jete.
Jazz 3: Tuesday 8:00-9:15pm- advanced level. Dancers should be able to do double turns, have a great understanding of jazz technique, the ability to pick up choreography somewhat easily, and an understanding of basic leaps and kicks.
Musical Theatre: Thursday 8:00-9:15pm- all experience levels are welcome. This class focuses on upbeat, jazzy choreography with music from theatre productions.
Outreach: Tuesday 4:15-5:30pm-All experience levels welcome. This is a contemporary/ lyrical style class that goes on and off campus to share the love of God through art. Performs in local churches, Harrisburg, nursing homes, chapel, etc.
Pointe: Monday 4:00-5:30pm- Dancers should be at an advanced ballet level and have experience dancing on pointe. Choreography is an intermediate level of difficulty.
Flags: Wednesday 6:00-7:30pm- No experience necessary. This group similar to color guard but solely uses flags.
Fall Ensemble: Sunday 7:00-8:00ish pm- No experience necessary. This dance will be contemporary/ lyrical style and open both the winter and spring concerts.
Footprintz: Tuesday and Thursday 9:15-10:30pm- No experience necessary. This group is Acclamation’s hip-hop ensemble. Dances change every two weeks and will be performed at the spring concert.
Tap Technique: Thursday 6:45-8:00pm- no commitment– any level of experience. Come learn basic combinations or practice and get help on steps from your Tap 1/2 or Tap 3 dance. Does not perform in either concert. 
Modern Technique: Wednesday 4:15-5:30pm- no commitment– any level of experience. Come work on steps from your Modern 1, 2, or 3 dance or practice simple combinations. Does not perform in either concert.
Ballet Technique: Saturday 9:00-10:15am- no commitment– any level of experience. Barre and center floor work for all levels. Come to work on things from other Ballet 1, 2, and 3 classes or learn basic ballet technique. Does not perform in either concert.
Worship/ Improv: Thursday 5:30-6:45pm- no commitment– any level of experience. Learn how to use improv as a form of worship and how to make sure your dance is rooted in worship. Does not perform in either concert.
Choreography: Saturday 11:00am-12:15pm- Learn dances that will perform at different events. Check with Acclamation teachers for more information.